13.1: Training for Nashville’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon

Man do I have way too many New Years resolutions but there is one I am taking more seriously than ever before. I’m running my first half marathon through the heart of Nashville!




I’ve vey never been a distance runner… or a runner at all for that matter. More like a run-walker. So it was almost impossible to imagine my body enduring 13.1 miles until I started training.

But I’ve also always been a “perfect conditions” runner… as in a sunny and 75 runner.

So I’ve really surprised myself as I change my definition of perfect conditions from sunny and 75 to 40 degrees and dry. With the help of some warm swag.


With the help and support of Fleet Feet Nashville I’m pacing right along but I need your help adding a little extra meaning to my miles.

I am running as a St. Jude Hero and committing to raising money for the sweet kids in Memphis and all of their affiliate locations.

I’m aiming big and hoping to raise $1,000 between now and race day, which is plus or minus 100 days away. So I’m going to need all the help I can get!

Click here to help by giving what you can!

Thank you you thank you thank you! Okay now it’s time to go get some more miles in.

 Kelsey Cherry Photography

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