A Month with Class Pass

Just 6 months in and Class Pass is killin’ it in Nashville.

CP is a monthly membership to hundreds of fitness classes around town from barre to pilates to circuit training… and it’s only $79 a month! The only catch is you can only go to one studio three times a month.

Made specifically for the indecisive… for those that get locked into a year long contract at a gym and then get bored with the workouts after four months. We have commitment issues. It’s fine.

The gym-like membership app graced us with it’s presence in February and since then has worked with dozens of studios in Nashville and beyond.

August was my first full month with my new membership and here is what a typical week looked like for me.

Day 1 – Noon: Starting my week off strong at Neighborhood Barre in Brentwood.

File Sep 02, 6 38 30 PM

There are dozens of barre studios in town but there’s something different about NB. They’re a fairly new studio and only have a handful of locations. Based out of Chattanooga, they’re focus is just in the south. That’s different then most barre studios that have expanded nationwide.

File Sep 08, 4 45 18 PM File Sep 08, 4 57 11 PM File Sep 08, 5 01 15 PM

You get all the local vibes and all of the one-on-one attention. While barre workouts are essentially the same, everyone does things a little different. So I found myself working a few muscles I didn’t know I had!

File Sep 08, 5 04 38 PM

File Sep 08, 5 03 08 PM


Wednesday- 6:00 pm:  Trained with some of the best at Results Fitness on Music Row.


Results Fitness Nashville

The Ultimate Results class was intense but was great for all fitness levels.

The workout uses treadmills, spin bikes, rowers, weights, medicine balls, kettle bells, bands, BOSU Balls, TRX straps and of course your own body weight.

JORB8100 JORB8098 JORB8079

Trainers Josh and LeAnn are awesome motivators that made me feel like I could do anything!

JORB8051 File Sep 08, 5 09 53 PM


Thursday- 4:30 pm: Getting the hang of the reformers at The Pilates Garage in Hillsboro Village with Kate Curtis.

File Sep 08, 4 35 52 PM

They look a little intimidating but they’re so much fun and the possibilities are endless. I was amazed by the different things Kate could come up with using them.

File Sep 02, 8 32 37 PM File Sep 02, 8 33 58 PM File Sep 02, 8 46 38 PM File Sep 02, 8 31 09 PM

It is an intimate workout with just a few reformers, you really get one-on-one attention. As a former dancer, pilates is probably one of my most important workouts to keep up with what used to be!

Class Pass Nashville

And there ya have it! A typical week for me is about three workouts but I can use it as little or as much as I want. So it’s official… I’m committing to not committing!

30 days of Hydration with Everly

Photo Sep 01, 5 04 47 PM

Raise your hand if you’re chronically dehydrated?

The first thing I think of in the morning is some sort of caffeine… not water.

The first thing I think of when a waiter asks me what I want to drink is sweet tea… not water.

Water is the always the last thing on my list unless I’m in the midst of a long run.

Photo Sep 01, 5 12 35 PM

So in the spirit of getting back on track I am challenging myself to drinking 8 glasses of water a day for 30 days and hopefully the habit will stick long after that.

But I can’t kick my tea habit cold turkey and that’s where my friends at Everly come to the rescue!

Photo Sep 01, 5 09 38 PM

These all natural zero calorie powdered drink mixtures have been a life savior and it’s only day one.

Photo Sep 01, 5 03 12 PM Photo Sep 01, 5 03 49 PM Photo Sep 01, 5 09 02 PM

They have natural flavor, natural color, they’re sugar-free, sweetened with stevia extract, and vitamin enhanced… and if that’s not enough for every time you buy a box they provide life-saving hydration medicines to treat kids sick with waterborne diseases.

Photo Sep 01, 5 01 27 PM

They call it Hydration for Hydration. Beautiful.

I’m pretty notorious for making lofty health and fitness goals but I think I can do it with Everly!

And I’m definitely looking forward to flushing some toxins away while clearing up my skin. And if more water kills these insane migraines and headaches… even better!

Kelsey Cherry Photography

Juicin’ it: Juice Nashville’s 3-Day Juice Cleanse


Oh the juice cleanse. Highly protested yet highly celebrated.

Drinking only liquids for a few days allows your digestive system to rest while your body resets, cleanses and receives rich nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

A lot of people do juice cleanses for a lot of different reasons. Some want to drop a few pounds while others just want a fresh start towards clean eating.

I was the latter! After weeks of a very disciplined spring in anticipation of bathing suit season, I just went down swinging.

It’s been two months of no workouts and hot chicken at least once a week. I called on Juice Nashville to get my butt back in line!

JORB9548 JORB9517


I’ve done a few cleanses in my day.. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it.

I didn’t hate it because I loved the results… I’ve always felt lighter, reset and kicked cravings to the curb.

I didn’t love it because some of the juices were icky.



But then came Juice Nashville. It’s one thing for a post workout green drink to be good but to genuinely enjoy every juice in a 3-day cleanse is HUGE!

You can drink any juice in any order you want.

Most cleanses make you feel like you aren’t going to get the results you are hoping for if you don’t follow their lead.

If I felt like drinking a carrot based drink first thing in the morning instead of a green drink I could.

Each day I switched it up.




Day 1: I think the key to surviving a 3-day juice cleanse is to keep busy. On day 1, I was so busy I didn’t even have time to think about being hungry. But I sure sucked every juice down.

By the end of the day I definitely felt my metabolism picking up and I don’t like the say I lost weight… I just felt lighter.

I started with the Chocolate Almond and then made my way through Snap, Sing, Hot Stuff, Zing and Happy and I’m being 100% honest with you when I say I almost didn’t finish them all I was so full!


File Aug 12, 8 31 33 AM


Day 2: I learned that mornings are the hardest for me. It is by far the most active time during my day and I just wanted to stop by Starbucks and grab a breakfast sandwich so bad!

But I was still going surprisingly strong. By noon it was hard to imagine that it had be more than 24 hours since I’ve had solid food.

Today I started with a Happy and then made my way through Hot Stuff, Zing, Snap, Sing and Chocolate Almond.

The Juice Nashville gals will tell you to drink a bottle of juice every 2-3 hours but I was constantly drinking a juice in order to get them all in so no deprivation here!


File Aug 12, 8 35 22 AM


Day 3: NOT ONE CRAVING! I kid you not, I actually woke up craving Happy! It was the perfect way to start my day and might be from now on post juice cleanse.




In conclusion…

STAY BUSY. It helps so much. I went two days not having a second to even think about being hungry.

DRINK A CLASS OF WATER BEFORE EACH JUICE. I’ve always been told to do this before every meal but it most certainly helped with juicing. The water fills you up so it’s much easier to eat a smaller portion.

KEEP IT SIMPLE AND SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LIKE MINDED PEOPLE. Maybe don’t schedule a happy hour on day 2 of your cleanse.

If you are drinking all of your juices I truly believe any hunger you are feeling is mental because you aren’t actually hungry. You may just be missing the sensation of chewing which is a real thing!


JORB9524 JORB9594 edited


If you’re reading this because you’ve decided to pick up a cleanse then YOU CAN DO IT! I swear. If I were you I’d cleanse with Juice Nashville. They were the first and they’re the best.




But you don’t have to cleanse for 3 days to enjoy Juice Nashville, stop by anytime. I like to grab one post barre class… I’m sucking down their summer juices before they’re gone.





And as the Juice Nashville gals will say, PS: Your body says “thank you”


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Eating in Season with Bloomsbury Farms


The simple life is the life for me and what’s more simple than eating just as our ancestors did… from the farm, to my fork, to my belly.

That means eating only what is in season and the best way to do that is by joining forces with a local farmer.



So welcome to Bloomsbury Farms!



…and meet Lauren! (Who knew farmers were so cute these days?)

Picking up one of her CSA baskets every week is better than Christmas morning. Everything in these baskets were hand picked by Lauren and her team that day.

JORB6200 JORB6201 JORB6213 JORB6215 JORB6218


There is just something about my food coming from a small operation that makes it taste better.




Just a few moments around Lauren and you can tell she puts so much love and dedication into what she is growing for us.

So starting next week join me here through the rest of Bloomsbury’s CSA season. I’m challenging  myself to cook through every veggies in this basket, and it changes every week!

Honestly I’ve never tried some of these veggies before so they look a little scary. It’s not going to be easy but it will definitely be fun!



Look for what I got in my Bloomsbury Farm CSA basket and see what I’m cooking every Monday morning!


Kelsey Cherry Photography