13.1: Training for Nashville’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon

Man do I have way too many New Years resolutions but there is one I am taking more seriously than ever before. I’m running my first half marathon through the heart of Nashville!




I’ve vey never been a distance runner… or a runner at all for that matter. More like a run-walker. So it was almost impossible to imagine my body enduring 13.1 miles until I started training.

But I’ve also always been a “perfect conditions” runner… as in a sunny and 75 runner.

So I’ve really surprised myself as I change my definition of perfect conditions from sunny and 75 to 40 degrees and dry. With the help of some warm swag.


With the help and support of Fleet Feet Nashville I’m pacing right along but I need your help adding a little extra meaning to my miles.

I am running as a St. Jude Hero and committing to raising money for the sweet kids in Memphis and all of their affiliate locations.

I’m aiming big and hoping to raise $1,000 between now and race day, which is plus or minus 100 days away. So I’m going to need all the help I can get!

Click here to help by giving what you can!

Thank you you thank you thank you! Okay now it’s time to go get some more miles in.

 Kelsey Cherry Photography

Road Trip: Leiper’s Fork


A short scenic road trip down the Natchez Trace, Leiper’s Fork is one of my favorite places to just be.




Away from the city… away from the crowds. My perfect lazy day destination.


Paige-0378 Paige-0360 Paige-0321


Whether you’ve come here to do some pickin’ or you’re just here to eat, there are things here you can’t get anywhere else.


Paige-0290 Paige-0285 Paige-0288 Paige-0393 Paige-0413 Paige-0368 Paige-0411 Paige-0319



My favorite part about “The Fork” is the small business owners put what’s most important first… family.




Like Joe’s Naturals was just decided to close up shop until September to take a much needed vacation… I love that! Not many of us city folk would do that!




It’s quality over quantity here on Old Hillsboro Road. Quality time with quality people.

This slow paced, middle of the street walkin kind of life is good for the soul. Until next time!


My favorite Leiper’s Fork stops:

Island Cowgirl

The Copper Fox

Puckett’s Grocery

Fly South

Joe’s Naturals

David Arms

Leiper’s Creek Gallery

Serenite Maison

West and Company


Citrus Co Photography

Taming the Fro at Dry House Nashville



So you natives forgot to tell me about this humidity. I am loving summer in Nashville but I could do without the pervasive sweating and permanent afro. I had to call for reinforcements before a weekend trip to Vegas. Ali Ryan at Dry House Nashville came to the rescue!

First of all, just look at this gorgeous salon!


JORB7824 JORB7825 JORB7834 JORB7841 JORB7836

There is no way you won’t feel glamorous sitting in these chairs.


JORB7877 JORB7881


Man was I in good hands for my very first blowout. Now to be honest, I wasn’t even sure what a blowout was before today. I thought there is no way she is about to style this crazy mane using nothing but a blow dryer… I was wrong!


She’s brilliant… I went in looking like a frizz ball and came out feeling like a celebrity. My hair is bouncing… it’s behaving. It’s just all out doing the most!


JORB7899 JORB7906 JORB7914



BNA —> LAS… see ya’ll next week!

Kelsey Cherry PhotographyJORB7827

Nashville’s Modern Day General Stores


Giveaway! (1)

Two of my favorite modern day general stores in town, Hey Rooster in East Nashville and White’s Mercantile in 12 South, came together and created this sweet hostess gift I have the pleasure of giving away! Keep scrolling for details!

Front edited

Front of whites


General Store: (noun) A rural or small town store that carries a general line of merchandise. It carries a broad selection of merchandise, sometimes in a small space, where people from the town and surrounding rural areas come to purchase all their general goods.

Print and store edited


White's Mercantile interior two


When I think of General Stores I think of the place where my grandparents or great grandparents stopped in for a Coca-Cola in the center of the their hometown. It seems like something of the past but in Nashville everything old is new again.

Info sign edited



First came Hey Rooster…



Whites mercantile sign edited

And then White’s Mercantile…

Both modern day general stores for homemakers living well-crafted lives filled with local goods.



Shelf1 Eli Mason




Red earth jewels editedGoo goos


Whether it’s a gift…

White cowhide bag edited



…like this amazing bag at White’s Mercantile.


Kitchen staple


Or a staple for the kitchen, you’ll find it.




Courtney Webb is a Nashville native (unicorn) that moved back from New York to grace us with Hey Rooster.

And White’s Mercantile is for him, for her, the foodie, the hostess, the globe trotter, the bundle of joy, the outdoor enthusiast.


White's Mercantile interior

If you have a hostess that needs some lovin’ you’re in luck! It includes Bluebird’s Biscuits, blackberry jam from the Nashville Jam Co and a Claudia Pearson Tea TowelJust join by signing up for my newsletter below!
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Greetings from Tennessee!

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