A Month with Class Pass

Just 6 months in and Class Pass is killin’ it in Nashville.

CP is a monthly membership to hundreds of fitness classes around town from barre to pilates to circuit training… and it’s only $79 a month! The only catch is you can only go to one studio three times a month.

Made specifically for the indecisive… for those that get locked into a year long contract at a gym and then get bored with the workouts after four months. We have commitment issues. It’s fine.

The gym-like membership app graced us with it’s presence in February and since then has worked with dozens of studios in Nashville and beyond.

August was my first full month with my new membership and here is what a typical week looked like for me.

Day 1 – Noon: Starting my week off strong at Neighborhood Barre in Brentwood.

File Sep 02, 6 38 30 PM

There are dozens of barre studios in town but there’s something different about NB. They’re a fairly new studio and only have a handful of locations. Based out of Chattanooga, they’re focus is just in the south. That’s different then most barre studios that have expanded nationwide.

File Sep 08, 4 45 18 PM File Sep 08, 4 57 11 PM File Sep 08, 5 01 15 PM

You get all the local vibes and all of the one-on-one attention. While barre workouts are essentially the same, everyone does things a little different. So I found myself working a few muscles I didn’t know I had!

File Sep 08, 5 04 38 PM

File Sep 08, 5 03 08 PM


Wednesday- 6:00 pm:  Trained with some of the best at Results Fitness on Music Row.


Results Fitness Nashville

The Ultimate Results class was intense but was great for all fitness levels.

The workout uses treadmills, spin bikes, rowers, weights, medicine balls, kettle bells, bands, BOSU Balls, TRX straps and of course your own body weight.

JORB8100 JORB8098 JORB8079

Trainers Josh and LeAnn are awesome motivators that made me feel like I could do anything!

JORB8051 File Sep 08, 5 09 53 PM


Thursday- 4:30 pm: Getting the hang of the reformers at The Pilates Garage in Hillsboro Village with Kate Curtis.

File Sep 08, 4 35 52 PM

They look a little intimidating but they’re so much fun and the possibilities are endless. I was amazed by the different things Kate could come up with using them.

File Sep 02, 8 32 37 PM File Sep 02, 8 33 58 PM File Sep 02, 8 46 38 PM File Sep 02, 8 31 09 PM

It is an intimate workout with just a few reformers, you really get one-on-one attention. As a former dancer, pilates is probably one of my most important workouts to keep up with what used to be!

Class Pass Nashville

And there ya have it! A typical week for me is about three workouts but I can use it as little or as much as I want. So it’s official… I’m committing to not committing!