Eat Like a Local: Nashville Originals’ Restaurant Week

It’s a weeks worth of special menus and deals at all of my local favorites and it’s twice a year!

It’s the brain child of Nashville Originals, an organization full of local restaurateurs dedicated to sustaining the independent restaurant as a fixture of Nashville’s culture and community.

The August edition forced me out of my comfort zone… taking me to a few spots I hadn’t been before.

Let’s start with breakfast!

File Aug 28, 12 38 35 PM

Fenwick’s 300 in Melrose has been open for almost a year now but I am just now making it there to try… huge mistake!

File Aug 28, 12 40 49 PM

My News 2 photographer pal, Armondo, and I actually went there to “work” on a few live reports one morning… and they threw the book at us! Biscuits and gravy, eggs benedict, strawberry french toast, jalapeno cheddar grits, beignets and one big ole’ pancake.

File Aug 28, 12 39 30 PM File Aug 28, 12 40 25 PM


And those lattes… had to take one to go!

File Aug 28, 12 26 50 PM File Aug 28, 12 56 46 PM


That night I ventured into the house of ramen at Two Ten Jack with the insanely talented Kelsey Cherry.


File Aug 28, 12 09 46 PM

File Aug 28, 12 35 23 PM

We both dove head first into the ramen… mine the tori paitan which included chicken broth, tsukune, greens, chili oil, a soft egg and hon-shimeji.

Hers the yasai shoyu with vegetable broth, burnt corn, greens, benishoga and mayu.

File Aug 28, 12 44 34 PM

So good it makes you want to lick the bowl!

File Aug 28, 12 10 28 PM

It was a long day and we may have had one too many of those sake punches.

The next day was lunch at one of my favorites… Smokin’ Thighs!

File Aug 28, 12 51 45 PM

Personally, I am a huge fan of their juicy jumbo wings but for Restaurant Week they were all about their smoked chicken tacos… which didn’t disappoint!

File Aug 28, 12 27 29 PM

Barbecue applewood smoked chicken topped with a roasted pepper corn lettuce slaw and my favorite ranch! I added on my two favorite sides in Nashville… their loaded baked potato salad and bacon mac-n-cheese.

File Aug 28, 12 37 33 PM

My latest stop for dinner was Cabana… a hidden Hillsboro Village gem.

File Aug 28, 12 26 08 PM

I did their full three course, wine flight Restaurant Week experience with the Blackened Mahi.

File Aug 28, 12 25 03 PM

But it was also 2-for-1 pizza night so… had to.

Get out there Nashville! Only a few more days left of restaurant week… and then it’s back to the clean eats 🙁

Happy Restaurant Week!