30 days of Hydration with Everly

Photo Sep 01, 5 04 47 PM

Raise your hand if you’re chronically dehydrated?

The first thing I think of in the morning is some sort of caffeine… not water.

The first thing I think of when a waiter asks me what I want to drink is sweet tea… not water.

Water is the always the last thing on my list unless I’m in the midst of a long run.

Photo Sep 01, 5 12 35 PM

So in the spirit of getting back on track I am challenging myself to drinking 8 glasses of water a day for 30 days and hopefully the habit will stick long after that.

But I can’t kick my tea habit cold turkey and that’s where my friends at Everly come to the rescue!

Photo Sep 01, 5 09 38 PM

These all natural zero calorie powdered drink mixtures have been a life savior and it’s only day one.

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They have natural flavor, natural color, they’re sugar-free, sweetened with stevia extract, and vitamin enhanced… and if that’s not enough for every time you buy a box they provide life-saving hydration medicines to treat kids sick with waterborne diseases.

Photo Sep 01, 5 01 27 PM

They call it Hydration for Hydration. Beautiful.

I’m pretty notorious for making lofty health and fitness goals but I think I can do it with Everly!

And I’m definitely looking forward to flushing some toxins away while clearing up my skin. And if more water kills these insane migraines and headaches… even better!

Kelsey Cherry Photography